We Buy 2 Auction | Buying/Selling


We provide bargain priced items for homepreneurs, market traders, antique dealers and end users at our auction salerooms.

Stock permitting, we will run one live auctions per month at each auction saleroom.

We also encourage buyers to pop in and browse and purchase items out of auction.

To bid LIVE online please register at www.easyliveauction.com and find us on "Upcoming Auctions" click the green button with "REGISTER TO BID" on it and complete the registration with your payment details.

If you register on the www.webuy2auction.co.uk site you cannot bid live but you can leave absentee bids and telephone bids.


We are open every Monday between 10 am and 5 pm at Retford and Newark and Monday and Friday at Loughborough.

However, you can call us to arrange to pop in anytime during the week by appointment.

We are currently reviewing weekend opening times to enable more entries when customers have more free time available.

We are also happy to accommodate out of hours entries by appointment.


We will normally have all items ready to view with a supporting catalogue at 11am on Friday prior to the auction and on the morning of the auction from 9am. You can attend on these days and inspect the items for sale.
Each item will have a lot number and we will supply you with a free catalogue which details the description of the lot or view all the lots online at www.easyliveauction.com

Ask the Auction Saleroom Manager to show you the online catalogue.



We will be pleased to provide condition reports on any lot where practical. You may ask as many questions as you like and we will be your “eyes and ears” to help enable you to fully satisfy yourselves before bidding.

Email condition reports are available by clicking on the enquiry button on our website or at www.easyliveauction.com


First time bidders will need to register with us. It’s easy! You simply provide us with your contact details and you will be registered to bid with your own paddle number.



From (£) To (£) Increments (£)

1 - 9 - £1
10 - 29 - £2
30 - 99 - £5
100 - 199 - £10
200 - 499 - £20
500 - 999999999 - £50

Please note that there is a PLUS ONE facility on Easylive auction website which will add one extra bid on to your commission bid to enable you to win the lot should your bid amount fall out of sequence with the increments. 

Example would be if you left a £15 bid on a lot and someone else bid £14. The bid of £14 would win as the system would look to the next bidding increment which would be £16 and bypass the £15 bid. If the customer selected the plus one facility it would add one pound to ensure your bid falls into the increment required for the website to recognise.

To avoid these issues in future please place your bid using the increment amounts listed above.



Once you have registered with us you will be given a Bidding Number / Paddle.
You will be either be given a different paddle number for each sale or you can request a permanent number.



Live online bidding is now available for all of our auctions provided by www.easyliveauction.com, enabling you to take part in the bidding from anywhere in the world, live as it happens.
To bid online you need to register to bid live at www.easyliveauction.com. Find the auction you want to bid on and click the green button with "REGISTER TO BID" on it.

PLEASE NOTE: If you create an account on the www.webuy2auction.co.uk site you can leave auto bids "commission or absentee bids" and telephone bids, but you cannot bid live. You must register with a new account and password on the www.easyliveauction.com website to bid live.

Upon completion of the bidder registration and providing your debit / credit card details you will only be charged for the service at a cost of £3 fixed one off fee. Alternatively you can pay a premium fee of 3% of the hammer price of your winning lots.
To assist you with this decision of choosing between the two options simply view the lots and if you believe you will spend more than £100 at hammer price choose the £3 fixed fee.
Easylive auctions online bidding platform does not charge the purchase of lots to your card. You simply pay to webuy2auction Saleroom directly at the auction at any time via card, cash or arrange bank transfer. For online customers you can call us and pay with your credit/debit card over the phone or pay by bank transfer.

The webuy2auction Saleroom will produce you a sales invoice detailing all the lots that you have won.


If you are unable to attend a sale you can leave a commission / absentee bid.
The auctioneer will bid on your behalf and will purchase the lot as cheaply as possible allowing for the reserve price and other bids.
Absentee bids can be left via our website by clicking on the place bid button. All bids received will be confirmed via email.
You can also use the Plus One feature to make sure you don’t miss out on the lots you really want.


It is possible to arrange a bid via the telephone by prior arrangement with the office if you cannot access the web.

If you create an account on the www.webuy2auction.co.uk site you can leave auto bids "commission or absentee bids" and telephone bids but you cannot bid live. You must register with a new account and password on the www.easyliveauction.com website to bid live.

We will ask you for a covering bid In the event that we for any reason cannot reach you we will use this as your maximum absentee bid.
Please ensure all telephone bids are requested the day before the sale.
We will email you confirmation that we have arranged these bids.


Lots marked with an asterisk (*) are subject to VAT on the hammer price.



Payment is due immediately after the auction in pounds sterling. If you are a first time buyer we will need your name, address and bank details and will require funds to be cleared before purchases can be released.



A Buyers Premium of 15% is payable on all sold lots.

PLEASE NOTE: Any outstanding invoices with 7 days age or more are subject to 20% buyers premium.

The following methods of payment may be made:

BACS payment, debit / credit cards and cash

Bank transfers should be sent to:

Bank Name: Barclays
Bank Acc No: 63091368
Bank Sortcode: 20-49-08

If paying from an overseas account please ensure you elect to pay our bank charges for the transaction.

Credit cards: All credit card payments there is a 3% +VAT surcharge

Debit cards: All debit card payments there is a 1% +VAT surcharge

When practical, payment can be made and purchases collected during the auction.


These will be posted live during the sale on our website. 
You will need to refresh the catalogue page to update the results.
If you are successful with your bidding we will email you an invoice shortly after the sale.



We can arrange packing on your behalf for items at a nominal hourly rate and cost of materials. We will email you the weight and dimensions of your parcel and ask that you email us back with a courier parcel note.
Please give us time to properly pack your items and have them ready waiting for your choice of courier.
We will initially offer a FREE shipping service between our webuy2auction salerooms to enable you to access items from far and wide at no extra shipping cost to you.
Our plans are to have 12 webuy2auction Salerooms within the next 12 to 18 months and many more after that.




We are open on Monday 10.00 am to 5.00 pm for collections and entries.

The rest of the week we are gathering stock. 



Pop in with them on any Monday between 10 am and 5 pm and we will offer you a free cuppa, a friendly chat and the option of either selling us the items for instant cash up front or we can offer to auction them for you. The decision is yours!


Please do not hesitate to telephone us and arrange a FREE home visit.



Saturday or Sunday Antique & General Sales:
25% inclusive of VAT plus a lot fee

Lot fees are as follows:

Fee of £0.50 if the item sells for £2 

Fee of £1.00 per lot if the item sells for either £3 or £4

Fee of £1.50 per lot if the item sells for £5 or more.

Lots that have a reserve attract a unsold fee of £4 per lot.

Vendors can enter a maximum of 30 lots per auction.

Example: If your item sells for £100 hammer price we will give you £80 and also charge you a £1.50 lot fee so we pay you a net amount of £78.50.

The other alternative is to agree a price to sell the goods to us and we will give you instant cash.

All lots receive complementary web illustrations in our fully illustrated online catalogue and are LIVE on the Internet around the World in Real-time

Private collections or higher value items may attract a negotiable commission rate

PLEASE NOTE: In order to avoid a conflict of interest all vendors will need to supply proof of identity when initially entering goods for auction or when selling goods to our auction salerooms.



Saturday or Sunday Antique & General Sales:
15% inclusive of VAT.

PLEASE NOTE: Any outstanding invoices with 7 days age or more are subject to 20% buyers premium.

All sold lots are subject to a minimum commission premium of £1.

Example 1: If you win a lot and the hammer price is £10 you will actually pay £11.50 with the 15% (£1.50) commission premium added.

Example 2: If you win a lot and the hammer price is £2 you will actually pay £3 with the minimum commission fee of £1 added

The 15% commission only kicks in when the 15% element of the hammer price is greater than the £1 minimum fee.

Example: Won lots at £6 or less attract the £1 minimum lot fee.

Example: Won lot at £7 attracts a 15% fee (£1.05) making total price to pay of £8.05


NO SALE! NO FEE! We do not charge for unsold lots. Simply take your item away or re-enter in to the next auction.

We also do not wish to attract items that carry very little value so please don't be offended if we do not accept all your items in to auction.

If we cannot agree a sensible reserve amount on your item we will levy a £4 charge if unsold.

Payment to the vendor is made within thirty days by BACS bank transfer.



Registered at Companies House: Auction Salerooms Limited: Number: 11158711.