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Contact Details for webuy2auction

Retford: Bottom Woodbeck Farm DN22OPB. Tel: 01777 279066

Loughborough: 5 Hanford Way LE111LS

Tel: 01509 839929

Email: info@webuy2auction.co.uk

Next auction dates

Retford: Sunday the 23rd of June
Loughborough: Sunday 7th of July
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Option 2:

We can auction your items at one of our salerooms in  Loughborough or Retford.

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We provide a comprehensive House Clearance Service throughout the Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire areas. The webuy2auction Salerooms concept has been developed over the last two years to deliver an auction house experience with a difference. We want our customers to experience a user friendly engaging environment which will deliver a lasting positive experience for them to share with others. 

We are registered to carry waste with the Environment Agency and our waste carrier licence number is: CBDU481161 

At webuy2auction our family run business take a refreshing approach to the antiquated auction saleroom experience by providing customers with a user friendly environment in both buying and selling.

We are house clearance specialists who offer both private and professional services details of which are listed in our services section. We have three auction salerooms situated in Loughborough and Retford to serve the Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire area.

We offer FREE property visits for full and part clearances and offer both traditional auctioneer services or an agreed cash offer for saleable items. In situations where a property requires the removal and disposal of waste items/non-saleable items, the total cost of disposal can be deducted from the cash offer and in most cases will still return an instant credit to the estate. Alternatively the cost of waste clearance can be quoted as an entirely separate invoice depending on the service you require.

Stock permitting, we hold an auction at each location once a month consisting of between 650-1000 lots all ranging vastly from general household items to antiques, fine art and jewellery. We update the website and Facebook page with our catalogues at 11am on the Friday before the auction when we have confirmed an auction date. Please contact us if you would like to be added to our mailing list or follow our Facebook pages to get up to date information. 

Sign up is easy, simply provide some basic contact details to receive a FREE bidding paddle number to bid in the room or sign up via the link to easy to BID LIVE ONLINE 

At our auctions customers are provided with COMPLIMENTARY food and refreshments, FREE parking and catalogues at NO EXTRA COST.

Our refund policy is to offer a full refund if an item has been listed incorrectly or the item is faulty/damaged and has not been listed as such. In order to receive a refund please notify the branch within 7 days. 

Whether you're a seasoned antiques dealer, homepreneur or budding bargain hunter, we aim to create an easy process for all types of customers to provide an engaging encounter and deliver a lasting positive experience for you to share with others.

We are always looking for new ways of keeping things simple and taking away the mystery which some customers often perceive about the workings of auction houses. Suggestions of how to improve your experience are always welcome. 


All of our Auction and House Clearance services are available throughout the Midlands 

We have auction salerooms in Retford and Loughborough. If you buy online we can transfer your won lots to your nearest saleroom for free.


We can provide a Full or Part House Clearance Service.

We want your unwanted items to stock our auction houses so we will normally try to find a way to complete your clearance in exchange for unwanted resalable items.

Clearances we can assist you with include:

A general spring clear out of your current storage space including, loft, garage shed or storage/container unit.

Clearing a deceased estate following a sudden family bereavement.

Helping an elderly or ill relative to clear items no longer in use.


Moving abroad.

Divorce settlement.

It also could be that the clearing job is too big for you and you need some lifting and carrying assistance.

Alternatively, you could always call us and bring your unwanted items to one of our auction salerooms. 


Our Ready 2 let service provides a fast, efficient response to enable a rental property to be placed on the market ASAP.

Providing a rapid response clearance, cleaning and rubbish removal service which is ideal for private landlords.

We will always attempt to realise the value of any items remaining in the property and offset the value against the cost of the clearance.

We can meet or visit the property and give you a free quote.

Remember! It does not always have to be a cost to the landlord when clearing a property.


Our Ready 2 sell services include: Secure storage, security, property clearance, on site auction sales, cleaning & rubbish removal.

Uninhabited property is a target for burglars and house insurance may be invalid.

Dispose of nothing. Often items thought to be rubbish are saleable.

We are a registered upper tier licensed waste carrier. Certificate number: CBDU181903.

We have one million pounds public liability insurance. Details are available upon request.

We receive instructions from solicitors. estate agents and the general public regarding estate clearances on a weekly basis.

90% of items collected are recycled through our auction salerooms.

One of our auctioneers can meet you at the property and give advice regarding the sale of items of value and the disposal of non-saleable items.

All items deemed recyclable/ saleable can be placed in one of our local webuy2auction salerooms and sold subject to commission fees and lot fees. We also charge to collect large items and courier them to the closest auction saleroom.

Alternatively, we offer to purchase the entire contents of the property including vehicles.



Container 2 cash 

We can either purchase or sell via auction the contents of lapsed customer containers.

We will offer cash for the container contents and we clear the container so you are Ready2let again

We can collaborate with you to reduce your rental losses and improve your container availability capacity.

We recycle 90% of the items that we process via our auction salerooms.


We can provide a bespoke service that meets your instruction from valuation and inventory of items, removal and storage of valuable items and clearance services to enable the property to be ready to be listed on the property market for sale or let.


1: We attend the premises to value contents and provide a swift clearance solution/service to enable the property to be marketed.

2: We can act on behalf of the estate in many ways.

A: We create an inventory of all items in the property and sell them at public auction at one of our salerooms (Loughborough & Retford) and deduct the cost of clearing and disposal of the goods from any proceeds that are accrued at auction.

B: We offset the value of the items in the property against the cost of the clearance and disposal of items and in many cases, we return an instant credit to the estate.

Whichever way we proceed with the estate clearance we can provide you with detailed audit trails of all items that are either sold at auction or upfront purchased by ourselves. This flexibility allows you to act in the best interests of the estate.

All valuations and subsequent auctions of items have an audit trail enabling your clients to see the movement of each lot from onsite item inventory description to sale invoice.

Our Ready2sell Services includes: Item valuations, secure storage, security, clearance, auction sales, cleaning & rubbish removal along with general repairs and decoration.

Our Ready2let service provides a fast, efficient response to allow a rental property to be placed on the market ASAP.


Please call to discuss your instructions.

We provide a reputable and trustworthy service throughout the Midlands.

Auction Salerooms

We have two webuy2auction salerooms in the Midlands and are growing fast with three new sites opening over the next three years.

We hold auctions at each location each month. We can provide a competitive rate of commission and lot fees with no hidden costs. 


If you have a large quantity of items to sell or items that are not practical to move we can provide a professional on-site live online auction at your home or business. Ideal for farm estates and industrial businesses in administration or bankruptcy.


Have your items valued free and sold free (No commission charged). This service is offered to registered charities.


We are a registered upper tier licensed waste carrier. Certificate number: CBDU181903.

All items that are unsuitable for resale are recycled.

We have one million pounds public liability insurance. Details are available upon request.

Option 1: 

We will give you cash for your unwanted items and we can either come to you or you can fetch to one of our salerooms in Retford or Loughborough. 


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